You don’t have to accept feeling consistent anxiety as “just part of life.”

You don’t have to settle because you don’t feel good enough to go after what you want.

You can accomplish the goals you’re scared to even say out loud.

It’s time to decide you want it enough.


Hi, I'm Natalie

My gift is guiding driven women to hear & trust their intuition, create a foundation of worthiness and love within themselves, and cultivate the resilience to bravely pursue their dreams.

Together we’ll get you past the overthinking/obsessing, through the self-doubt, and into the life you really want, without settling, ever.

I pride myself on having my life shattered more times than I can count and still having a smile on my face. Like me, you’re not broken, and I’m not here to help “fix” you. I’m here to point you back to yourself, and connect you to your power & truth within.

1:1 Mentorship & Coaching

Stop waking up already overwhelmed, thinking, “How is this my life?”

Stop living like you’re not worthy of the deep connections & success you want.

Stop letting your patterns rule you because you’re unwilling to make a move.

If you’re done with the shit storm that letting life happen to you from a place of confusion, unworthiness, or fear,

I’ve got a shit-resistant umbrella we can both fit under.

My Vision and Love Note to you

Hey love,

I’m so glad you’re here and looking into pursuing transformation with me.

I designed my 1:1 Coaching Mentorship to empower you to lovingly uncover & release what’s blocking your connection to yourself and the life you desire.

It’s less about becoming the woman you want to be, and more unbecoming everything the world, your parents, and that lying voice of perfectionism inside you told you that you had to be to matter. The woman underneath all that is already whole, a force to be reckoned with, and most importantly: unquestionably, profoundly lovable.

Ditching anxiety, believing in and living from your worthiness, and getting unstuck is completely available to you. It would be my honor to guide you along in your journey.

So much love,


P.S. I break it down for you and am there with you every step of the way. It’s time to create the beautiful life and fulfilling relationships you truly want. If you are ready to own your worthiness & create Real connections, Apply Here:

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